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Movie Reviews: A Look at Best Summer Films of Year 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out next week. Photo: Media FileTake 1/ David's Thoughts
The summer of 2014 has certainly been a disaster by Hollywood financial standards, but the same cannot be said for the quality of films on the market.

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Tibetan Documentary Shines in Manchester Film Festival

Mr. Lobsang with bex -co ordinator & director john at Manchester film festival, UK, 8th December 2011.  Outlook Tibet‘Passport Photos,' a film on urban Tibetans was screened as a part of Insight Film Festival held in Manchester, United Kingdom on 3rd and 4th of December.

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Free Tibet, Our Right: Tibetan exiles

Mumbai/Dharamsala: Echoing a song in the movie "Rockstar", slogans like "Free Tibet, sadda haq" and "Free Tibet, Our Right" by Tibetans filled the air in Mumbai Friday as the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer opened in theatres.

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Health Dept's film 'Kyema' set to premier on 10 December

Kyema, an awareness film on drug abuse and Tuberculosis Kyema, a film by the CTA's health department to raise mass awareness on the impact of drug abuse and Tuberculosis on the Tibetan community, is set to premier in Dharamsala on 10 December. (Watch trailer)

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The Mercury prize: what our shortlist would be

 Mercury winner … PJ Harvey picks up the prize for the second time, in 2011. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters The Mercury shortlist is unveiled on Wednesday night. Ahead of that, our critics pick the 12 albums they want to see named by the judges.

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Kundun; A Contemporary Movie on the Dalai Lama and Buddhism

Kundun - the name of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, god-king of Tibet - generates many comparisons to Seven Years since they both concern the early life of the Dalai Lama, before his exile into India.

Based on the relative "flood" of Buddhism-inspired movies these days, the 1990's might be called the "Buddhism Decade." A few years ago, we witnessed Keanu Reeves starring as Siddhartha (the Buddha's name before his enlightenment) in Little Buddha (see Little Buddha review). Recently, we've seen the release of two new movies of interest to Buddhists, Seven Years in Tibet and Kundun.

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Elton John dedicates Beijing concert to Ai Weiwei

Elton John dedicates show to Ai WeiweiBeijing: - Pop-rock balladeer Elton John dedicated his Beijing show to Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei -- a controversial move the artist said Monday was unlikely to make the nation's cultural minders happy.

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Seven Years in Tibet: A familiar with the story of the Dalai Lama

This Week’s Film: Seven Years in Tibet Cuisine: Tibetan Curry

True story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber who became friends with the Dalai Lama at the time of China's takeover of Tibet.

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Taiwan-born designer's work graces Bhutan's queen

Bhutan's new Queen, Jetsun Pema. Photo: File

New York, Dec. 5 (CNA) Many people watched a royal wedding in Bhutan in October and admired the country's beautiful new queen, but they might not have known that the earrings worn by the queen were created by a Taiwan-born jewelry designer.

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