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The grim history of the real-life Shangri-La

The grim history of the real-life Shangri-LaIn ‘Tibet’, Lezlee Brown Halper and Stefan Halper look behind a tragic past and uncertain future. Tibet: An Unfinished Story’, by Lezlee Brown Halper and Stefan Halper, Hurst, RRP£20/$29.95

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Traditional Dresss, Food & Drink in Tibet

Tibetans usually treat guests to mutton, beef, vegetables, and Qingke wine, as in this restaurant in Lhasa on June 10, 2008. photo: File

Traditional Tibetan food consist mainly barley, meat and dairy products. Vegetables are scarce in the high altitude. Tsampa is the staple food of Tibetan people, which is consumed daily. It is actually barley flour made from parched barley, unhusked and ground into fine flour. Put some flour with salted butter tea in a bowl, rotate the bowl with the left hand and mix the food with your fingers of your right hand, roll it into small lumps, then squeeze it into your mouth with your fingers. Other ingredients may also be added to add flavor.

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Tibetan Customs; Dialectic and Language

Tibetan Customs

Tibetan is a language abundant in dialects. Some of these dialects are similar, but some are so different that a Tibetan speaker may be confused when speaking with a Tibetan from another region. To reduce the difficulty in communication, some scholars are calling for the standardization of Tibetan.

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Historical Tibetan Traditional Medicine

Traditional Tibetan Medicine

With a history of more than 2,000 years, Tibetan Medicine had already developed into a branch of the medical filed. According to the records, Tibetan had realized the functions of the herbs, animals and minerals on the people’s health since that time.

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Long-standing and unique Tibetan clothing and ornaments

Tibetan women in Lithang, Kham, eastern Tibet. Photo: Outlook Tibet

Long-standing and unique Tibetan clothing and ornaments are featured by diversified styles and patterns as well as bright color. It is traditional costume formed from ancient times under the influence of climate in the area, people's production activities and the religious culture.

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